The equipment brand had been famous on its signature look which is men’s shirt to womenswear. That is why it is clear that equipment shirts are mostly Boyfriend shirts and long sleeves. And nowadays,Equipment Shirts And How To Style It Articles boyfriend shirts are getting the mainstream in the fashion world. They are not only comfortable, but they are incredibly trendy without looking like you are trying. Women love this look because it is a trend that doesn’t seem like it will ever go out of style, and it is completely versatile.

There are a lot of ways to wear a boyfriend shirt, so get on your fashion thinking caps and start mixing and matching!Turn it into a dress – Many boyfriend shirts are long and loose enough to be worn as a dress that offers comfort and super style. Throw on the button down boyfriend shirt with bold accessories and flats and you have a fun and ultra cute look. Switch up your shoes with a pair of heels to make your look a little dressier. If you are not a big fan on the baggy look, try wrapping a thin belt or scarf around you to cinch your waist. For boyfriend tees, they may not be as long to wear alone, so wear a pair of leggings under them and keep the accessories fun and bold.Keep it Cool and Stylish –

Do you feel like wearing an extremely casual climcat outfit but still want to look trendy? That’s easy to do when you’re wearing a boyfriend shirt! Wear a super comfy boyfriend tee under a boyfriend shirt with a pair of leggings or jeans and flats to finish the look. Tuck the shirt in if it is really long, but make sure that pull the shirt out a little to create a more billowy effect. If the shirt is not too long, leave it out for a cool and confident look.Work That Shirt Into Work To make this look a little more upscale, wear a boyfriend shirt or tee with a blazer.

This look screams stylish and sophisticated and gives the boyfriend shirt a whole new look. Wear this look with a pair of dress pants, leggings or even jeans, along with a pair of pumps.Work with Your Sophisticated SideYou may think this look is only good for a causal day, but it can actually be worn to work as well. Keep this look clean and stylish by wearing a billowy boyfriend shirt tucked into a pair of tailored pants. If you want to keep the shirt out, wear a belt around your waist to keep your look put together. Pair the shirt with a dressy vest to keep the look trendy but work friendly.The next time you don’t know what to wear, why not try one of the many looks of the boyfriend shirt? It’s fun, carefree and extremely stylish. And remember, the best brand when it comes to boyfriend shirts is Equipment. So Shop Equipment shirts today and transform your wardrobe into a new carefree yet very chic style today!

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