In India,Essential Makeup Products for Important Events Articles there are many important events, festivals like weddings, reception, engagement, etc. These events are nothing without beautiful ladies. Makeup and jewelry are part and parcel of their life. In India, our traditions also include the exchange of jewelry in wedding ceremonies, engagement ceremonies, also in festivals.

In Lucknow, these events are celebrated with full enjoyment but the real trouble is for ladies who struggle to get a perfect look. Every occasion demands different makeup look, bridal makeup is far more different than an engagement makeup. The search for the best never ends, especially for ladies. They often have a conversation that mostly includes discussions on the best eye makeup in Lucknow, best parlor for engagement makeup in Lucknow, which parlor is good for bridal makeup in Lucknow or which parlor offers affordable pre-bridal packages in Lucknow. Makeup is a very personal thing; many girls don’t rely on external aid and carry their makeup stuff. So here is the list of essential products that you must have in your makeup kit-

Makeup primer- as a bride to be, you must know that primer is very essential in makeup. Marriage is a long process, so makeup should remain intact. Primer is the only thing that keeps the freshness of the makeup for a long time. There are other important products like corrector, shades, etc, you can skip this but primer is a must. If you have been to any wedding recently, you must have observed the smooth and shiny effect on the bride’s face, this is nothing but primer.
Foundation- makeup is incomplete without foundation. It gives even skin tone, finished results, smooth skin. Foundation also gives natural look with a golden tan. Highlighter goes well on the skin after applying the foundation. It is the product that only helps to look also beneficial in other ways. It acts as a barrier against pollution and dust. A person with perfect skin can replace it with a tinted moisturizer or bb cream.
Setting powder- it is a translucent powder that is not cakey on your skin. It will give softness to your skin. The setting powder illuminates the skin. It is so soft that you can’t resist touching your skin but don’t do it.
Black mascara- mascara is a very important product in any makeup. Black mascara can make your eyelashes big and black. You will get a bright eye with long full dark lashes. At the wedding, black mascara is always preferred but apart from it, you can experiment with maroon, blue, white in parties.
concealer kit-you should always carry a concealer kit. It is small in size and you can easily give a touch up anytime, anywhere with concealer. It comes in 15 shades; chose whatever matches your tone.
Setting spray- spray keeps your makeup fresh, especially on sweaty days. In summer it is very difficult to carry makeup, keep setting in your kit so that you can spray in between the event and look fresh.

Apart from this list, you can carry, lip balm, lipstick and another thing that you thing is important.

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