Benefit 1. Search engine optimization.

SEO involves building back links. When you release a professionally written PR, you are usually allowed to embed your links in the article body. That means you can choose whatever anchor texts you wish to use and acquire back links from well established news sites. Bear in mind that many of these news sites are authority sites and they possess high page rank. When your release is published on these websites, you automatically associate your brand with them. This also helps to build credibility. In the long run, all those back links pointing back to your sites will boost your search rankings.

Benefit 2. Build credibility and trust.

Instead of associating your brand with  dubious looking sites, you press releases are now seen on branded news sites. Assuming that you publish quality press releases, web visitors will soon learn to recognize your Company name as a credible brand on the Internet. Trust is of utmost importance because without trust, you won’t get sales.

Benefit 3. Direct promotion of your Company.

In article marketing, you can’t promote your Company directly in the article body. But you can do so with a press release. Feel free to talk about your competitive advantages and try to convince consumers that you have the solutions to their problems. Invite them to visit your website to learn more about what you have to offer. This is a powerful benefit because you can even include special discounts in your press release.

For instance, let’s say you are launching a new product. You can offer a coupon code in the press release that allows customers to get a 10% discount off the new product. Of course, they will have to visit your website to make the purchase. This method ensures that customers will buy from you and not from your competitors. It is something that you cannot execute with article marketing.

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